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FAQ about press on nails wholesale

There is no MOQ for all press on nails, you can add all your favorite into cart and check out. You can also enjoy factory price for only one piece. The more you buy, the cheaper price you enjoy.

There are many ways to remove press on nails, through practice we have come up with a unique method that can easily remove nails, do not hurt the nails and painless.

Mix the oil with warm water and soak your fingers in the water for 3-5 minutes to soften your nails. Use dental floss to pull a slit along the place where the press ons meets the nail. Then immerse your finger in the water again for a minute. So you can remove your nails easily.

  1. Carefully clean and polish your nails
  2. Double apply glue on your nature nails.
  3. Press firmly to secure the press-ons to your nails and expel the air inside.
  4. If you choose jelly glue, use a hair dryer to heat the jelly glue before applying the nails. The nail art will be firmer.
  5. Do not immerse your nails in water for a long time.

The lasting time of press on nails depends on your nail application method and daily maintenance. It usually lasts one to two weeks.

If you use jelly glue, it usually lasts 2-7 days. Using glue and using a nail lamp will last one to two weeks.

If you use and remove the press on nails correctly, it can be reused and save money. If you plan to reuse your nail art, we recommend using jelly stickers, which are easier to remove without damaging your nails.

There are some ways to make your press-on nails look real.

First of all, pick the right size for your natural nails. Usually, there are many sizes in a nail set, so measure the press-ons and your natural nails to find the right piece for all your fingers.

Second, gently clean your base and make the surface of the nail rough to keep the press on nails firm.

Third, polish the press ons to make the shape of the nails look real.

Last but not least, use the proper glue. A good glue can expel all air inside and make the press on nail fit your nails better.

If you use press on nails properly, I think it's safe for your nails. But if you use it too often or remove it wrongly, there are some issues like nail weakness, brittle nails or nail breakage.

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